Calling all veterinary
superheroes, your sidekick
has arrived

Bring high-tech diagnostics to the horse’s side,
with an advanced new tool in your superhero belt.

sidekick is a multi-test reader that provides
spot-on quantitative results in minutes, so you can
save time, save money, and save the day.

sidekick Device

Heinrich Anhold, PhD., sidekick Founder

Former CEO of Stablelab, the world’s first horse-side
testing platform

Partners with Experience

The orginators of horse-side testing are back,
with an advanced new platform for equine

Created by our team of scientists, engineers,
designers and software developers, our test
reader provides spot-on quantitative results
in minutes.

Every Hero Needs a sidekick

Save trips to the lab, save money, and save the day. This handheld diagnostic tool is an indispensable part of today’s veterinary practice. With multi-test capability and a powerful app, it’s future-proofed and user-friendly.

How to Guide

sidekick gives you a real time data for an
accurate diagnosis and on the – spot treatment

sidekick Device

The sidekick Reader

The sidekick reader provides spot-on
quantitive results in minutes. It neatly
fits in your pocket and conveniently
charges in your truck while you fly to
your next appointment

One reader, multiple tests

More to come

Good thinking
with horse-side numbers you
can trust

Our patent protected BloodCaptorTM and
sidekick Smart Calibrate™ technologies
eliminate error and brings you peace of mind

When you test by the horse’s side and show a quantitative result
right away, clients can understand the diagnosis and feel confident
in the next steps. With a tool this precise, you may wonder how
you ever went without it.

The sidekick App

• Automatically store test results
• Take notes and easily share
• Runs sidekick Smart Calibrate™